Be Brave


Moving forward in life can be difficult. Letting go of our past can be painful, however we need to remind ourselves that we have more power over our emotions than we give ourselves credit for. Being young, it’s common to grasp on to the familiar. We find comfort in security because we are still going through the transition of child to adult. It is nice to have that safe haven, however not all of us are blessed with it. Many may complain or be bitter about it, I know I used to partake…but I now challenge myself to see the silver lining in everything. Too often we are weighed down by harmless sorrow that we drench ourselves in and allow our mind to make it seem worse. Growing up means taking responsibility; responsibility for our words, our actions, and most importantly…our thoughts. Buddha once said “The mind is everything, what you think you become.” This has been one of my favorite sayings to refer to in times of darkness. It is important to remind ourselves that our situation is only as bad as we make it seem. Change the way you think, and you can change the way you live.

This brings me to my next point, being brave. During this kind of transition, you are basically diving into open waters. You don’t know what to expect; you never know if you are safe. However, using that energy to motivate yourself instead of psyching yourself out will lead to a much more satisfying result. Work hard, then…work harder. Continue to seek new opportunities, meet new people, explore new territory. We only get one life, why grasp onto the familiar when there is so much that we have not yet discovered? Explore the world and explore your mind. Understand that it is not just you, there’s billions of humans that are all living and feeling many of the same things as you are. The only thing you can do to break out of your societal shell is to explore; explore everything. Being brave is a step by step process, you don’t gain an infinite amount of courage overnight. However, if you challenge yourself to try something new…even if it’s just trying a new recipe or talking to a stranger, day by day you will see that you are evolving. Within a week you will be in a different place…in a year…you could be doing things you’ve never dreamed of doing. I feel as if I should also add that safety is crucial. Do not just jump into anything and everything, take your time and do your research. Think about whether you really want to try something, why you haven’t tried it before and what’s pushing you to do it now. If you can justify your reasoning in a logical manner, you have my blessing. ❤️ Be brave you humanly creatures, and remember to always be kind along the way. VK


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