Blessings in disguise, they are all around us. We have to open our eyes and our hearts to truly see them. Every day is a blessing, no matter what you are going through. No matter what good or bad news you may have received…there is comfort in knowing that God is Sovereign. He is always in control, and he is at work even in the smallest details of our lives. Christ set an example of patience, trust, love, hope…he is our role model. So TRUST that even in the details, perhaps God is just making sure you are safe.

Now I want to emphasize what FAITH can do. When you let go of your own selfish wants and needs and surrender to the Lord…you are blessed. This can be easier said than done, you may WANT to give your life to him but you catch yourself in selfish thought. What do you do during these trials? PRAY. Whenever Jesus felt discouraged, he went and prayed to the Father. Jesus teaches us that no matter what you are experiencing, you can reach God. Jesus is our channel, he is fighting on our behalf. Pleading God, to help us. Through Christ, God is always on your side, He will ALWAYS help you. Faith is such a wonderful thing, along with hope and LOVE for these are the reasons that God is so gracious and so loving.

Some days I feel so strong in my faith, I feel like the Lord is with me and I fear nothing for I know he is with me. Other days, I feel like that faith is slipping and I start to doubt God…this happened just recently. All I can say is is that it is difficult. You feel disheartened, you feel empty and confused. This was me. I was SO confused for the prior week I was feeling SO close to God, why had things changed? SO dramatically in such a short amount of time? Know that although God is at work, so is the devil. The devil WILL try to enter your thoughts if you create the smallest of openings for him. Without realizing it, I had created a small place in my heart for sin that allowed him to crawl into and take over. He works through temptation, ‘remember that song? remember the alcohol? Its not bad, not if you just do it one more time’…yes that conscience that you hear is really the lord and the devil at work. You have to remember to be STRONG in your faith, ESPECIALLY during these times. For it is easy to praise god and feel close to him when you don’t have temptation in front of you; it is difficult when you feel like you are weak. God reminds us that we are weak, he reminds us the HE is strength…only he can provide you with strength. So ask. Ask as many times as you need, for he is listening and he WILL answer your prayer. Trust not your own version of time, but Gods time. Cry out to Jesus. Pray that he keeps all evil away from you. He will come through. Do NOT let the devil bring you down with darkness for his promise is death. God WANTS you to live, to live eternally in his kingdom. He has a treasure for his people that is beyond our comprehension. When in doubt pray, when miserable…pray, when happy…pray…always PRAY. He IS listening.


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