You’re Magic


That’s the thing, not everyone will understand. The thing that brings you life, the thing that drives you…it is not the same for everyone. Therefore, don’t expect the same reaction from people. Don’t doubt the magic within you when someone doesn’t understand it. See, that’s the beauty. It is different and it is special. The key is to find people who do understand and value you and what makes you magical. Because you are, you’re magical. And don’t feel bad for not understanding someone else’s magic…don’t fake it. You are not helping them live an authentic life by pretending to understand their magic. Let them find their way to those who understand their specific magic.

And again, don’t doubt yourself because ONE person doesn’t see the magic within you. Believe me, it’s there. It is in all of us. Allow the confusion to lead you to a new place where you find that place, those people, that accept you unconditionally.
If there is one thing that I DO know, it’s that Jesus will always be that place, and that person, who will accept you and love you unconditionally. So, if you’re not sure where to start…I can assure you He is the best place.

Prayer: Father, I ask you today to reveal the magic within me. If I don’t see it, help me see it. Help me see the magic within others too. Bring me into a community that see’s the unique qualities that I have. Help me find a community that will build me up in who I am and bring the best version of me to the surface. Father, I pray that I do the same to those around me. Bring the right people into my life so that I can see and value them, and their magic. May I accept, love, and encourage them as they do to me. Amen. 


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