Spiritual Well-Being



Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how society places a certain structure on us that dictates how we should live our life–what we should care about, how we should dress, what we should eat, etc. There are so many preconditioned ideas revolving around us convincing us that if we do not fit the mold we are not “doing it right”. The reason many of us struggle with daily life is because we look to this “societal structure” as something that we have to compare ourselves to when the truth is that there isn’t a structure that you need to fit into. You are made in a specific way that no other person is made.


As an individual given breath by God, a miraculous and loving God, the way to live your life should consist of a never-ending trust and dependency on Him. Allowing your heart to be open and willing to go where God is calling. Each person’s call is different and unique. I believe that EVERY person created is guided by God to help that person find the fullness of who God is. Some people listen and obey the call and are lucky enough to experience the fullness of God. Others ignore, suppress, or reject the call…and they stay in the same (stuck) place.

It is so important to be in tune spiritually and yet our mainstream culture neglects that facet of the human condition. We focus on physical and emotional..and neglect the source of both, our spiritual condition. When our spirit is in  bad place, our body and our emotions follow. However, if we work on understanding our spiritual being we are able to see clearly what is going on in our mind and our body.


So…today, I challenge you to stop for a moment and look inside yourself. Where is your heart? What emotions are you feeling? List out what you do see and what you do know and be bold enough to ask God for the information that you are missing. Is there a higher level of awareness you need to tune into? Ask God to to speak to you RIGHT NOW in this moment. As you do that, you may have a sign that comes to you, or a specific word that comes to mind, or a specific idea that comes to mind…explore that. Dig deeper, ask God more questions. Open the dialogue and watch as He leads you into new territory. Territory that is amazing and full of life, but is also new and can be intimidating..the only way to take the risk is to trust God and walk with Him.


Prayer: Father, I ask that you open my heart to your truth. I pray that you help me see what I do not see. May you open my eyes to the reality of who you are…and who I am. I want to understand this life better. I know you have purpose for me and I want to be bold and walk into it with you by my side. I pray that you guide me and speak to me right now in this moment. Give me something that will help me have a dialogue with you. I am not interested in living a life sold to me by the media. I am not interested in chasing things that don’t matter. I want to live my life with purpose and joy. I pray you lead me into that life. I thank you for all that I have today and I thank you for all that you will reveal and bring into my life. Amen.


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