Divine Direction


I have to start with saying, God is SO good. Yes, there is chaos, and trouble, and pain..but in the midst if it all, God is the light. God is the love that gives us hope. God is the only one we can trust.

With that, I have to share a recent experience that left me at a loss for words because it showed me just how much God cares about his children (that’s me!) and how he works in creative ways to help us.

So here is the story, lately my mind has been all over the place with trying to figure out how the next year should play out. As of now, I am leaving my job in a few short weeks and then I am off to travel to Spain, Italy, and London. When I return…it’s pretty much the reset button for me. In my plans to travel for the month of July, I have decided to to sell my car and leave my job…so, that leaves me with no job and no car when I return..and not much savings.

Pretty crazy..I know. But it just felt like the right thing to do. I have prayed about every step of the way and God has given me a peace about each of those decisions. So although it leaves me in a seemingly “vulnerable” position, I am confident that God will provide the right opportunities to get me to where he wants me to go.

Now, although I know this..I did not expect for him to come through in this way…

The story isn’t completely “out of this world” but the way everything unfolded and the effect of it has left me speechless.

So, to recap–I am approaching a major transitional point in life with very little knowledge as to what I need to do next, just blind faith that what I am doing is the right decision. In all this, I am praying to God for guidance and wisdom. So, an ordinary Tuesday with plans to get a car wash (to get my car pretty for posting to sell) turned into a desire for some food at Chucks Produce (a blessed place). I go get some soup and a green drink and I start talking to one of the employees there, we discuss travel and life and then an older gentlemen comes up to the counter and sits down right in the middle of us. He says something like “I hope i’m not interrupting” and we go along with it and just incorporate him into our conversation. Long story short, the employee left and I had a 3 hour conversation with the guy. He shared information about his life and told me about how to be wise (in life and in finance) and provided a new perspective that I did not expect. As I was conversing with this man, I just knew there was something divine about our conversation…from the very start, I felt God present and I just thought to myself “God, where is this going?..Do I need to pray for this man? Do I share something about you?” and I even went there, I shared a little bit about my faith and beliefs and how I believe God is my provider and that I need to trust him. This man seemed to be impressed with my perspective and continued to share more and more. Turns out, he has a net worth of 1.5 million and that he accumulated that in less than 10 years..with a history of being homeless for 10+ years. It wasn’t his wealth that impressed me but his journey. His story amazed me and gave me an insight that I didn’t have before.

So an ordinary Tuesday evening turned into a moment of divine direction. Suddenly, I am rethinking my plans and leaning into God with more clarity. I still don’t know exactly where this will lead me, but I have the direction I was praying for. I am amazed at how a random turn of events has altered my life path.

So to everyone out there, I know God has direction for you too. I know he has amazing things he wants to show you and do in your life but you are a main character and in order to partner with God, you have to trust Him. I pray that you do. I pray that you are inspired. I pray that you ask God to show his heart to you so that you know that you are in the BEST of hands.

Prayer: Father, thank you for today..thank you for this week. I pray for every person that comes across this story, may they be inspired and may their faith be stirred in a new way. I pray over each reader and pray that you pour out your blessings and favor upon them. I pray that they learn to partner with you in this life and not fight you. May they know that you LOVE them and that you seek their heart, not their perfection. May their heart be open to the things you are teaching, and may every person struggling in their faith be touched by your spirit in Jesus name. May today bring joy and blessing! Amen! 


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